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Force of Will Return of Dragon Emperor Booster

Arrange this item with previous products, particularly the five Lapis Cluster starter decks (Sep 9th release), to generate interest in both products from new players and veterans!  Booster Pack Contents Breakdown - 5 Kind of J/Rulers- 5 Kind of Basic magic stones- 5 Kind of Special Magic Stones  - 8 Kind of Additons- 27 Kind of Chants- 55 Kind of Resonators                  Total 105 kindsNew types of Magic stones! Powerful cards with dual attributes! Lots of exciting dragon type cards!Buy-A-Box Promo information!!Purchase Bonuses Buy 1 Box and get 1 Limited PR Card. Buy 3 Boxes and get 1 Limited Rubber Play Mat.Please understand that after initial orders these bonuses may not be included as they are printed in limited quantity.10 cards per pack36 packs per display6... more info


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Force of Will Return of Dragon Emperor Prerelease Kit

1 kit contains:- 72 packs of Lapis Cluster 03 booster pack-12 promotional cards   -Exclusive for this kit-2 playmats  -Exclusive for this kit1 kit is for 8 - 12 players.The kit is available from March 3rd!We recommend to have a pre-release event at your store on Mar 3rd Fri, or 4th Sat or 5th Sun. This kit is exclusive for FOW physical store!!... more info


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