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Vast Addon Pack

Three new roles: Ghost: Reclaim the remnanets of your mortal life by using your telekinetic powers to manipulate objects or even possess other players to do your bidding. Ghoul: Corrupted and evil, living only to hunt. You relentlessly stalk and terrorize other players, growing stronger with each battle. Nightmare Unicorn: Use your fearsome horn and magic to bring down the cave on those still inside. Or you can add the Shadow Unicorn as a non-player role, adding even more danger to your solo or multiplayer game.... more info

SKU: LED00004

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Vast Miniatures Pack

Introducing the Miniature Pack for Vast: The Crystal Caverns. Includes minis for all of the characters in Vast as well as the many dangers and spoils you will find in the cave.... more info

SKU: LED00003

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Vast: The Crystal Caverns

As the ultimate asymmetric board game, Vast: The Crystal Caverns provides a limitless adventure, playable again and again as you and your friends explore the five exciting roles in many combinations. Play solo or with up to 5 players for the full game.... more info

SKU: LED00002

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