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Golem Arcana Tile Set Marshes of Kesh

An additional set of six double-sided map tiles that can be used to expand the Golem Arcana battlefield. These tiles introduce a new terrain type, marsh, and can be combined with the tiles in Golem Arcana Basic Set.... more info


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Golen Arcana Zikia Heralds of the Great Weald

Heralds of the Great Weald includes three new Zikia Golems to be used in any Golem Arcana Army. The explansion set includes a Warspite, Orgre, and Titan class Golem. The Nightshade, A warsprite that uses its attack to telport to enemies, perfect for devestating ranged units. The Prowler, A quick Orgre that roams the battlefield with a powerful AOE attack. The Earthfall, A mobile Titan the stampedes across the battlefield capable of dealing large amounts of damage. Also included are four new Relic Cards The Chalice of Mist, that causes enemies to lose their way. Zephyr of Er-Haka that cleanses a Golem of all ailments. Ghora's Mask, that will cause enemies to flee a region. The Nihata Laurel that will lash... more info


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